Thursday, 19 March 2009



Now we are introducing a simple and powerful software in Microsoft Excel format for preparing the Data of public works with existing schedule of rates 2008 . For downloading the software click here. After down loading the file you should unzip the folder using Winzip.

While opening the folder PWD DATA MAKER you can see two files namely

1. Guidelines 2 PWD data maker

1.Guidelines :

This file contains the general instructions for using this software

2 PWD Data maker

While opening this file you can see four sheets namely Rates, Conveyance statement, Data and Abstract. The first sheet contains the rates of materials as per the existing schedule of rates. You can change the values at the time of revision of rates.The second sheet contains Taluk average conveyance of materials. These values are also changeable. The third sheet is Data and fourth one is abstract. All the items in the data book are not included in this sheetAlthough the most commonly used items for Panchayat works are included. You cannot change the values of the third and fourth sheets because it contains several formulas and so it is locked for security.
Maximum care has been taken for the accuracy of calculations of data. Any how the user should satisfy himself for the accuracy of calculation .If any discrepancy is noticed mail immediately and so we can correct the same in the next version.
If all are OK print the pages .It is better to take the print using a laser jet printer.

If you are experiencing any problem mail your doubts to

Created by Pradeepen Thulika

Office 0474 2593254


Anonymous said...

What is this...

p m mohamadali said...

appreciate the efforts Smart and sincere pubic service
work is worship
thanks for service
be grateful to workers