Saturday, 14 March 2009


(New version with additional features)

Another useful software for preparing the Salary details of Panchayats . The existing software for the preparation of Salary bill by IKM is not in the prescribed proforma TR 51. Now we are announcing the salary bill preparation in the approved proforma. You just enter the basic data like basic pay, salary deductions, etc. as descibed in the proforma in Basic data sheet. The columns in the basic data sheet are self explanatory. In the second sheet you can see the inner of Salary bill. The consecutive sheets are self explanatory.
For downloading the software click here. After down loading the file you should unzip the folder using Winzip.

While opening the folder SALARY GENERATOR you can see two files namely

1. Guidelines 2 Salary Generator

1.Guidelines :

This file contains the general instructions for using this software

2 Salary Generator

While opening this file you can see five sheets namely Basic data, Inner, Outer, Pension contribution, SLIC, GIS, KPEPF. The columns basic data sheets are self explanatory and enter the figures and other details with care. The Salary bill and other details in the prescribed Performa will be generated.
3 Honararium calculator

This is designed for calculating the honorarium and sitting fee of President and Members of the Panchayat. The coloumns are self explanatory

If all are OK print the pages .It is better to take the print using a laser jet printer.

If you are experiencing any problems mail your doubts to

Created by
Pradeepen Thulika

Office Phone 0474 2593254


Anonymous said...


Panchayath department employees has undertaken a silent revolution with out any complaints. Now they are being cheated by IKM for that last 10 years. Remember we are constitutionally functioning bodies we have the courage to undertake any challenge at any cost we will prove that we are not second to any body . we dont have to sacrifice a life time for the nossense of IKM

Anonymous said...

Any software which help Day to Day works of Accountant? if so kindly send detailes of such to

With regards
Nedumkandom Grama Panchayat

PP Yoonus said...

Thanks. I am PP Yoonus, LDC (Establishment) of Taluk Office, Mannarkkad. I would like congratulate you for initiating a wonderful task like Salary Generator. We have a staff strength of around 250. I think, your program will suffice to meet our tedious task, but some modifications. So please, sent me password to unprotect the generator. My ID is

With regards