Sunday, 18 April 2010


TF (Treasury Form)GENERATOR
Hello sir
We are launching another useful programme TF Generator Ver.1( Treasury Form Generator) in Microsoft Excel format for prepairing the Requisition, Authorisation, Proceedings of DDO and TR59 B Bill.. For downloading the programme please CLICK HERE.
While opening the TF Generator Folder you can see two work books namely TR59B with documents and Allotment. Open the TR 59B Work book. Here You have 8 Worksheets namely Basic Data, Requisition, Authorisation, proceedings of DDO, TR59 B, PT1,PT2, and PT3.Click on Basic data.Enter the relevant details in the respective columns which are self explanatory. Click on the Requisition sheet. Here the Requisition of DDO in the approved form is generated. You can take the print and ready for issue.In the same way you can take the print of Authorisation, proceedings of DDO, and TR59 B bill for treasury. Ignore the last three sheets . It is the programme for converting the figure to word.
Open the other work book Allotment . Here You have only one Worksheet namely allotment .Click on this.Enter the relevent details in the respective coloumns which are self explanatory. Take the print. After prepairing the First allotment right click on allotment tag then move or copy then move to end . you will get another copy of allotment . Rename it with allotment No. .
If you have experiance any problem or have any valuable suggessions please mail to and leave your comments to the comment Box below