Sunday, 5 April 2009


Another user friendly software for preparing the Annual Financial statement of Panchayats .This looks like the Budget and so easy to handle. You just enter the corresponding amounts in the concerned cells. Don’t add or subtract any figures. It will be automatically displayed. You cannot change any figure in the cells of yellow colour because it is locked for security. For downloading the software click here. After down loading the file you should unzip the folder using Winzip.

While opening the folder AFS Made Simple you can see Two files namely

1. Guidelines 2. AFS

1.Guidelines :
This file contains the general instructions for using this software

2. AFS
While opening this file you can see three sheets namely Receipts ,Expenditure and Abstract. Click the Receipts Sheet. The columns are self explanatory and enter the figures with care. After completing Receipts sheet proceeds to the Expenditure Sheet.Enter the figures. After completing this open the third sheet Abstract. Here you should enter the details of Opening balance and Closing Balance as per the Cash Book.

If all are OK print the pages .It is better to take the print using a laser jet printer.

If you are experiencing any problem mail your doubt to

Created by Pradeepen Thulika

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